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"The Last Supper" By Francesco Caccianiga



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This beautiful depiction of “The Last Supper” was painted in 1725 by Francesco Caccianiga (1700 – 1781) in the Papal State of Ancona. The story of the Last Supper is one of the most important stories told in the bible. This story depicts the last time Jesus spent time with his disciples before he was hung on a cross as a sacrifice for our sins. This is a beautiful rendition of this special moment spent with his disciples and has an incredible warmth and quality.



Fine Art Canvas Reproduction Online

The original painting is in the personal collection of the owner of Art World Gallery & Publications. He has owned the painting for roughly 30 years. Over all of these years he has enjoyed the piece and recently came to a realization that he should share the beauty of this painting with as many people as possible. Being the owner of a Publication company this was not impossible and with today’s technology he has been able to reproduce fine art canvas reproductions of this painting for you to hang in your home to enjoy the beauty and spiritual representation of “The Last Supper” for years to come.



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Art World Gallery & Publications was established by Floyd and Helen Jones in 1976 in San Diego, CA. For over 35 years Art World has delivered culture to the San Diego area by offering beautiful paintings, sculptures and other artwork to literally thousands of homes throughout the country. Art World Gallery & Publications remains dedicated to providing high-quality art and reproductions at affordable prices.



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Art World Publication Company has created many art images available to collectors through the reproduction process. We have worked with many artists over the years in reproducing Fine Art Reproduction Editions. This is a fun and creative part of the art business. It allows us to work directly with artists who paint beautiful works of art allowing many people to enjoy their works and their efforts all around the world at a fraction of the cost of the original painting.


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